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Accommodation in Telangana Government Guest House at New Delhi is primarily intended for accommodating the Ministers, Members of Telangana Legislative Assembly, the State government Official of Telangana. Members of Parliament elected from Telangana will also be provided accommodation in the Telangana Government Guest House at New Delhi, on request, at the rates application to State Government Officers for the first seven days and for the stay beyond seven days the charges will be as private guests. If they are already in possession of quarters allotted by the Parliament Secretariat, when provided accommodation in Telangana Government Guest House at New Delhi, they will be charged at the rates applicable to the private Guests. Accommodation in the Guest House may be provided to the others subject of availability after meeting the requirement of those mentioned above.

Accommodation will not be provided in the Guest House without specific orders from General Administration Department.

Persons who have arrears, outstanding against them, payable to the Guest House may be denied accommodation in the Guest House till arrears are cleared and a certificate to that effect is furnished from the Officer-In charge of the Guest House.

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