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Telangana State Department

WIMS is being developed to establish the seamless communication for Telangana State Departments with Central Ministries. Office of Resident Commissioner, Telangana has deputed Liaison officers in Telangana Bhavan to coordinate with state and central government and help the state departments in resolving the pending issues. Liaison officers operating from Telangana Bhavan play vital role in representing the state with central government and vice versa. Several 100 communications take place in a month dealing with versatile issues and activities. Few last for months if not years, and few come from nowhere and become extremely priority item. Consolidating, compiling, communicating, and coordinating at any given point of time is the critical requirement of the officers operating from Telangana Bhavan.

Hence we here by request all the state departments to update all your issues in to WIMS, and make use of this service. Any department facing any challenges in getting the credentials / facing any challenges in using the application it is advices to write and email to rc@telangana.gov.in. Here are the department to which we have share the credentials, in case if your department is not listed here and need credentials please write to us on rc@telangana.gov.in.